Setzen Sie das passende Verb in der entsprechenden Form des Futur I oder II ein. Details siehe
  Kapitel 14. Verwenden Sie: to choose, to grow, to sleep, to do, to teach

I my next job according to the payment.

She a lot by the time he comes out of prison.

You in your own bed tomorrow.

He for forty years next autumn.

They their homework when you come home tomorrow.

Setzen Sie das passende Verb im be-going-to-Futur ein. Verwenden Sie: to feel, to send, to think, to lead, to be
It a very nice day today; the sun is shining.

She the package to her uncle this afternoon.

He them into the forrest and out of it.

I about your proposal as soon as I have time.

They the consequences of their doing soon enough.


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