Verlaufsformen des Futurs

  Setzen Sie das passende Verb in der richtigen Verlaufsform ein. Details siehe Kapitel 14 .   Verwenden Sie: to throw, to win, to ring, to sell, to buy, to read, to lose, to reflect, to count, to   do, to have

I away good food if you do not eat it now.

He the championship without any difficulties.

The bell untill the end of times, if you do not open the door.

He his money over and over again untill the figure is right.

We a lot of work in order to get everything done.

He shoes in ten years if he does not do something about his education.

They accidents again and again untill they learn to drive.

I my book when you are in bed.

The sun from all this mirrors in your garden.

We all your CD when it comes out.

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