Verlaufsformen des simples past und past perfect

  Setzen Sie das passende Verb in der richtigen Verlaufsform ein. Details siehe Kapitel 9 .   Verwenden Sie: to burn, to find, to cut, to print, to propose, to fill, to wish, to cool, to cook, to   hope, to be

The fire nicely when he came home and the dinner was made.

He this new project for years before they really started it.

The whiskey on the ice cubes while he was still on the phone.

He lunch when a car crashed into the restaurant.

They for a baby for a long time, now they finally had one.

He the corner of the carpet when he noticed it was of the
wrong colour.

She difficult whenever she should do some work that she
did not like.

The old machine books for years, yesterday it broke down.

He his glass with water, when he saw that it was dirty.

We all them good luck on their journey.

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