34.2.9 Gebrauch des Passivs

Übertragen Sie die aktivischen Sätze in Passivsätze. Wenn es zwei Objekte gibt, dann gehen Sie   nach dem Muster vor (erst direkte Objekt => Subjekt, dann indirektes Objekt => Subjekt)


Tina gives Tom a book about business development.
1) A book about business development is given to Tom by Tina.
2) Tom is given a book about business development by Tina.
The teacher presented the news to us.
Jenny reads an article about environmental protection.
The seller offered us something different from what we expected.
We send letters to our loved ones.
Someone slept in this bed.
The family dog paints the house by playing with brushes.
Grandma always told us stories about dwarfs and princesses.

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