34.2.10 Fragesätze mit und ohne Fragewörter

  Entscheiden Sie, ob die Reihenfolge der Elemente in den folgenden Sätzen richtig oder falsch ist


Why did you go there, you knew that it is dangerous.    
Who is my book, I was looking for it everwhere and could not find it.    
Where are the green contact lenses? I thought I saw them on my desk still yesterday.    
Been you have in the theatre yesterday?    
What did you find in the little box?    
What for did you change your hair colour? I liked the other one better.    
Have you ever gone to London by train?    
Where your boots are?    
Could it be possible that we don't know, where your boots are?    
Would they possibly change their opinion when hearing good arguments?    
Could you how know about all this?    
Who is this?    
Why not leave right now for Paris?    
How do you know about this?    
Went you to the party last week?    

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