Verlaufsformen des simple present und des present perfect

Setzen Sie das passende Verb in der richtigen Verlaufsform ein. Details siehe Kapitel 9 .   Verwenden Sie:  to speak, to touch, to suppose, to imagine, to prevent, to say, to think, to be,   to do, to wait

I my homework at the moment.

She about the latest project since 6 a.m.

It seems you this is a joke to us; be sure it is not!

He in front of the museum for more than 40 min.

In this photograph you see that they the top of the mountain.

You about her all day and couldn't do any work.

She her future while she is sitting in the bath tub.

He sick the last six hours and nothing helps.

I this now for the fiftieth time.

This wall that anything can go through.

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