simple past present perfect
Zustand, abgeschlossene Handlung ohne Gegenwartsbezug, Handlung mit Gegenwartsbezug
I went to school. I have gone to school, now I know a lot.
He bought a house. He has bought a house, now he lives in it.
We were on holidays. We have been on holidays, now we are relaxed.
Gewohnheitshandlungen in der Vergangenheit
Every summer we went to York (now we go to Ireland). ---
Every morning he drank coffee (now he drinks tea)
Every evening she read a book (now she's too tired to do so).
Grundsätzliche Eigenschaften der Vergangenheit, Grundhandlungen, allgemeingültige Aussagen.
He was tall.
The night was dark and cold.
School was boring.
There were no mobile phones.
She was blond.
adverbiale Bestimmungen
last year, summer, month, week this summer, year, month, morning
in 1930, 1999, 2001 already
when he was young ever, never
on Sunday for, since
yesterday so far
the day before yesterday recently, lately, just