Verneinen Sie die folgenden Sätze im present perfect.
He gave her a present.
He did not (didn't) give her a present.
He took the present back.
He did not (didn't) take the present back.
We wanted to go to Italy.
We did not (didn't) want to go to Italy.
The day was sunny and bright.
The day was not (wasn't) sunny and bright. .
You needed to go to the toilet.
You did not (didn't) need to go to the toilet.
I had to change my opinion.
I did not (didn't) have to change my opinion.
She wished her a Happy Birthday.
She did not (didn't) wish her a Happy Birthday.
We could give him a car.
We could not (couldn't) give him a car.
The monument was green.
The monument was not (wasn't) green.
They were in France.
They were not (weren't) in France.