Entscheiden Sie, ob es sich eher um ein Zustandspassiv (ZP) oder ein Vorgangspassiv (VP) handelt
The house is destroyed. ZP VP
The player is being hurt. ZP VP
The wall is painted red. ZP VP
The car was repaired. ZP VP
The car got crashed in a very bad accident. ZP VP
The bicycle could have got painted in pink. ZP VP
The girl was being hurt by the car accident. ZP VP
The computer is broken and doesn't work anymore. ZP VP
New ideas are getting processed by us every day. ZP VP
The frog got eaten by the stork (der Storch). ZP VP
The book is printed, coloured and sold. ZP VP
The desk had been cleaned before he left. ZP VP
The book is being printed, coloured and sold. ZP VP
The ice is frozen. ZP VP
Her leg got broken in the competition. ZP VP