Schreiben Sie die korrekten Formen in die leeren Felder. Es wird sowohl simple past, present perfect als auch past perfect verwendet.
check or answer
Yesterday I
my my hometown. (to visit)
to a new apartment at the beginning of this month. (to move)
Before he went to Paris, he
in London and Los Angeles. (to live)
a hundred people, and now almost all are here. (to invite)
all day yesterday. (to rain)
many letters, before he reacted for the first time. (to write)
the cupboard and found a dead mouse in it. (to open)
This morning we
coffee in a little coffee shop and drank it on the way. (to buy)
Still yesterday I
sure that everything will turn out all right. (to be)
the book to his nephew, therefore it is not here right now. (to give)