34.2.3 Gebrauch der Zukunftszeiten

  Setzen Sie die richtige Zukunftsform ein

to give, to read, to find, to paint, to teach, to look for, to see, to help, to go, to be
check od. Lösung
Thanks for borrowing the book, I it back next week.
We ordered tickets for a musical, which we next Wednesday.
The sun rises in the morning, it that way until the end of time.
The bags look heavy, that's why he you carrying them.
She took the book from the shelf, she it now.
Next year at this time you a job and you will be happy.
In 2050 the teachers still the same as today.
We for your shirt right after we are done with dinner.
She to Spain for her vacation, when she has some time.
I bought some paper and pens; I some nice pictures.

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