Simple Past unregelmäßiger Verben

Das simple past hat viele unregelmäßige Formen. Bei Unsicherheit finden Sie hier eine Liste der meisten unregelmäßigen Verben.

  Setzen Sie das passende Verb im simple past ein. Details siehe Grammatik Kapitel 8. Verwenden   Sie: to find, to do, to give, to be, to have, to go, to know, to take, to write, to fly

check od. Lösung
He the book to his sister; now she is happy.
She an article about the effect of water on flowers.
The car very old, but it was still running without problems.
They over to the London to celebrate New Years Eve.
I a friend who was an artist in a circus.
We it would not end well, but at least we tried.
He everything right, still he was not chosen.
You to the mountains and had a nice holiday there.
People it for granted that they were welcome at the hotel.
He it difficult to accept that he - as everyone else - was mortal.

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