Präsenskonjugation unregelmäßiger Verben

Im simple present gibt es im Grunde nur zwei unregelmäßige Verben. Allerdings werden hier auch diejenigen Verben abgefragt, die eine unregelmäßige Bildung der 3. Person Singular haben.

  Setzen Sie das passende Verb im simple present ein. Details siehe Grammatik Kapitel 5.   Verwenden Sie: to empty, to do, to teach, to be, to have, to go, to reach, to mix, to study, to die

check od. Lösung
He water with oil and wonders why it doesn't work out.
She her dust bin to find the letter she threw away yesterday.
The car to the right, even though it should go to the left.
The man in the corner English and Mathematics.
We happy to have you here.
It the size of a mountain, but the weight of a feather.
He law at the University of Los Angeles.
With her arm she to the top of the shelf.
People do not want to .
He his job with passion, which is good.

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