29.4.1 Übung 1: Get oder become?

  Entscheiden Sie, ob die Konstruktion mit get oder become zu bilden ist.

become    check
After three times reading the letter, I finally ... the message.
When he was very young, he ... an orphan.
With all the new ideas we ... very excited.
Stop talking nonsense; let's ... down to business.
It took a long time to ... sober after a week of heavy drinking.
At the last station, we have to ... off the bus.
With the new law, we ... entitled to more money.
Please, Harriet, this dress does not ... you.
Let them talk! Just do no let it ... you.
We tried so hard to ... him interested, but he did not care.
She always wanted to ... a doctor.
It is easy to ... used to good food and lot's of time to go shopping.
They worded very hard to ... successful.
All that he cares about is to ... results.
Even though you do not want to, you ... automatically party to an action.

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