Anything, anybody, anyone, anywhere, anyhow, anyway

Zusammensetzungen mit any-
Any kann verschiedene Zusammensetzungen bilden.
anything (irgend)etwas
anybody (irgend)jemand
anyone (irgend)jemand
anywhere (anyplace) irgendwo(hin/her)
anyhow jedenfalls, trotzdem
anyway sowieso, trotzdem
any time jederzeit
Wie schon bei some, bleibt auch in den Komposita die Grundbedeutung von any erhalten.

Is there anything I can do for you?
Is there anybody we should call for you?
I could not find anyone, who would help me.
We were looking for the keys, we could not find them anywhere.
Anyhow, I still think you are right to stop talking with him.
Anyway, there is nothing you can do.
You can call me any time.

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