26.7.4 Übung 4: Infinitiv mit oder ohne to?

  Entscheiden Sie, ob in den folgenden Sätzen der Infinitiv mit oder ohne to verwendet wird.

mit to
ohne to     check
What is ... be done?
Why not ... go for a walk?
He worked very hard so as ... be able to pay his rent.
It is too hard for me ... run 20 km.
We have heard him ... come home.
She asks us ... leave the premises.
I would rather ... buy the blue one than the green.
You made us ... believe that you were rich.
I asked you to go and ... get some butter for me.
He wanted us ... paint his house.
She said that he may ... come in and eat.
They are considered ... be really clever.
The bridge was planned ... be built within a few months.
You told me where ... find the fridge but I forgot.
We couldn't help but ... be happy for them.

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