14.9.4 Übung 4: Wiederholung

 Schreiben Sie die korrekten Formen in die leeren Felder. Es wird sowohl simple past, present  perfect als auch past perfect verwendet.

check or answer
Yesterday I my my hometown. (to visit)
He to a new apartment at the beginning of this month. (to move)
Before he went to Paris, he in London and Los Angeles. (to live)
She a hundred people, and now almost all are here. (to invite)
It all day yesterday. (to rain)
They many letters, before he reacted for the first time. (to write)
She the cupboard and found a dead mouse in it. (to open)
This morning we coffee in a little coffee shop and drank it on the way. (to buy)
Still yesterday I sure that everything will turn out all right. (to be)
He the book to his nephew, therefore it is not here right now. (to give)

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