10.6.2 Übung 2 - Substantivische Possessivpronomen

 Setzen Sie die korrekten Possessivpronomen ein.

check or answer

3. Person Plural The beer here is not ours, it is .
1. Person Singular Today I meet with some friends of .
3. Person Singular maskulin The shirt over there is .
3. Person Singular feminin The dog, that ran away was .
1. Person Plural The story is real, it is not a fantasy of
2. Person Singular This pencil here, is it ?
3. Person Singular maskulin The food, that we have thrown away was .
2. Person Plural This uncle of , how is he?
3. Person Plural The garden with all the flowers is .
1. Person Singular I don't want your pencils, I want .

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