10.6.10 Übung 10 - Wiederholung: Bildung und Gebrauch der Verlaufsformen

Details und Erklärungen zu Bildung und Gebrauch der Verlaufsformen finden Sie im Kapitel 9.

  Bilden Sie die korrekten Verlaufsformen und verneinen Sie die Sätze.

Verwenden Sie die folgenden Verben (in nicht geordneter Reihenfolge): to get, to jump, to destroy, to disturb, to live, to travel, to study, to come, to hope, to dance

check or answer
He could by train to London yesterday, but it takes all day.
We out of a plane this morning.
She , before she came to my party.
They might all night, they look very tired.
We for a better price, when we sold the car last week, now we have to cut expenses*.
The army many houses in Gaza last year.
First he me, when I was sleeping and then he drank all my beer!
The Smiths in the same house for 5 years.
When we were young, he the most beautiful girls.
We should home earlier.

cut expenses = Ausgaben kürzen

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